Technology workshop aims to clarify ‘The Cloud’ for local business owners

Cloud-based software has exploded in the past decade. Businesses all over the globe are benefiting from its gifts: Streamlined workflows, centralized information and track-able customer engagement.
But how do you choose the best technological options for your business?
There are countless alternatives to comb through online.
Most of them look fine, but which ones will work for you? Of course, you can talk to sales reps, sign up for free trials and dig deep into reviewer websites, but that takes time.
To bring you up to speed and save you time, the Kootenay Rockies Innovation Council is offering a new Technology Integration Workshop in Revelstoke on Tuesday, June 23, from 1 pm until 4 pm at the C3 Church at 108 First Street West.
In this half-day workshop, Brett Price of Suite/Apps Advisors will cut to the chase about cloud-based project and customer relationship management software, Intranets, social media tracking, Google Apps and more, all intended to benefit your business.
Does that sound like a lot? A statement from the workshop’s sponsor, the Kootenay Rockies Innovation Council, says you shouldn’t worry. The pieces fit together more easily than you might think, especially when you keep your eyes on the prize.
“We’re sticking to three main topics in this workshop,” says Price, “which are the three main goals of any cloud-based tech integration: To simplify operations, to increase sales opportunities and to reduce costs.”
With those in mind, Price will cover the nuts-and-bolts of the most helpful cloud-based software and how you can use it to help you amplify your success.
“Online software can seem daunting but its benefits outweigh the initial learning curve,” Price said. “Ultimately, it empowers your people by centralizing information and processes. It encourages collaboration and improves security.”
Online software is also changing the way businesses engage with customers.
“Many businesses now use social media and websites for online engagement,” he said in the statement. “That’s good, but it’s even better if you can track engagement to see your results. Customer relationship management software (CRM) lets you do that.”
Technology is changing what’s possible for doing business. It’s easier than you think to use it to benefit your business.
This workshop will also highlight:

  • Leading business platforms Google and Office 365
  • Top online software choices in: Office/Admin Management; ERP Management; HR; Project Management; Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Marketing; Sales and Invoicing
  • How tech can help with big-picture business moves like Succession Planning and Growing Your Business

Workshop activities will also include Identifying Pain Points and Developing Take-Away Points.