Volunteers needed to help rescue orphaned bear cubs

By David F. Rooney

Orphan bear cubs and other young animals often need human help to survive and the Northern Lights Wildlife Society, which operates a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Smithers, is seeking compassionate individuals to help them with their work in Revelstoke.

“I’d like to get some people together who can help us capture and transport orphaned cubs to our rehabilitation centre,” Angelika Langen said in an interview on Friday, October 3.

“We don’t need a lot of people, two or three would go a long way.”

Langen came to Revelstoke to capture two bear cubs whose mother was killed by a vehicle near the airport.

The cubs were born this, which makes them perfect candidates for rescue and rehabilitation and the centre she and her husband Peter founded.

These are not the first cubs from Revelstoke to go to Smithers. Another orphan was captured in Mount Revelstoke National Park this summer (Please click here to read about that young animal.) and others will likely need the Langens’ help to survive.

If you think that spending a little time to help very young orphaned animals survive is a worthwhile cause then please go to Sangha Bean Café on Connaught Avenue on Saturday, October 4, at 3 pm to meet Angelika. You’ll be glad you did.

If you’d like more information please call her cell at 250-877-1181 or send her and e-mail at info@wildlifeshelter.com.