Highway Rescue Society founding member takes offence at City’s attitude

Being a founding member of the Revelstoke Highway Rescue Society and one of the design/build team I take great offence that the City would want a completely new rescue truck.

The box on the wrecked truck was professionally manufactured by Fort Garry Industries in Winnipeg and was good for at least 25 years of which about 10 have passed with most of the time being spent in the fire hall. The original chassis was a year old when we bought it from a Freightliner dealer in Missisauga Ontario Why not look for the same type of a dea lthis time and install the original box on the new chassis.

When the truck was run by the society we had full insurance on it and had $30,000 in the bank when it was taken over by the City. If the City want to take a crap shot at not having insurance on it why should local busineses and organizations be asked to buck up for the replacement?

We have a great team of people that operate the truck and they deserve as good as they had.

Don Hawker
Revelstoke, BC