Introducing The Current’s new advertising rep

The Revelstoke Current is pleased to announce that Barbara Mukanik, former publisher of the Revelstoke Times Review, will join its team as director of sales and marketing.

Barbara is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable person who knows the local business community inside and out.

She is joining The Current at a critical point in its history.

As of May 30, more than 307,262 people have visited the online news site 1,274,109 times since it was established on July 1, 2009. Those visitors have viewed its 4,360 stories and 10,506 photos 3,676,124 times, as measured by Google Analytics.

The Current is read by people all over the world but most of its readership is right here at home. More than 4,000 of last week’s visits to The Current were by people who live in Revelstoke.

If you are in business and want to reach the people whose patronage keeps you afloat then The Revelstoke Current is your best way to tell them about your products and sales.

You can reach Barb at 250-200-0093.