City Council briefs

Council to hand out dough for a new affordable housing project

Council has agreed to a Community Housing Society request that it release $96,000 from the Affordable Housing Fund to help it develop a new series of affordable housing units at Bridge Creek Properties.

The Society is applying for $2 million from BC Housing and the Columbia Basin Trust to help underwrite the cost of the $3.5 million project. That cost includes the $750,000 value of the land, which the City has agreed to provide.

“As of today we’re dotting the Is and crossing the Ts,” Community Economic Development Director Alan Mason told Council on Tuesday. “Our application (to BC Housing and the CBT) is going in on Friday.”

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Begbie View parents worried about children’s safety

Responding to parental concerns, the Begbie View Elementary School’s Parents’ Advisory Council is holding a public meeting on Monday, November 19, to discuss pedestrian traffic safety near the school.

Specifically, it said in a letter to Council, there are major concerns regarding the safety of child pedestrians along Ninth Street between Mackenzie and Vernon Avenues, MacKenzie Avenue between Seventh and Ninth Streets and Vernon Avenue between Third and Ninth Streets.

Chief Administrative Officer Tim Palmer will represent the City at the meeting, which will be held in the Begbie View Library beginning at 7 pm. Representatives from the RCMP and School District 19 have also been asked to attend.

Click here to read the letter to Council by Catherine Bellerose.


RMR cites fo illegally constructing storage buildings

Revelstoke Mountain Resort has been asked to attend a November 27 Council meeting to address issues surrounding illegally built storage buildings at its site.

A report to Council by Building Inspector Marty Herbert showed the buildings were constructed without the requisite building and development permits. RMR apparently also flouted a variety of orders from the City including a DO NOT OCCUPY order.

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Old Garbage Collection Bylaw tossed out

City Council has adopted a new Solid Waste and Recycling Bylaw, No. 2006, to replace Garbage Collection Bylaw No. 1759.

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Outdoor exercise equipment for seniors

The City is applying for a $20,000 Age-Friendly Community Project Grant from  the Union of BC Municipalities to help pay for a suite of seniors-appropriate outdoor  exercise machines that will be installed at Kovachs Park.

Laurie Donato, the City’s director of Community, Parks and Culture said the entire project will cost about $60,000. The City is also receiving $25,000 from another source, which she declined to name under the Privacy Act. The City will kick in $5,000 to install the devices. The remaining $10,000 will come from program-grant sources.

The 2013 budget is to provide enough funds to build toilet facilities at the park, she said.

Click here to read Laurie Donato’s report to Council on this project.


FREE transit bus service in December

With the arrival of two new buses to serve the community (you might actually have seen them on city streets this week), Council is planning to promote new improved service by offering free ridership from December 10 until December 31.

The free ridership proposed in a report by Community Economic Development Director Alan Mason will cost the transit service about $2,000, but he thinks that will encourage members of the public to use it.

The City planning to heavily promote the service in hopes of improving ridership.

Click here to read Alan Mason’s report to Council.


Giddyup! A new lease for the Selkirk Saddle Club

Council has agreed to permit Mayor David Raven and Chief Administrative Officer Tim Palmer to sign a new lease agreement with BC Hydro on behalf of the City when the old one that permits the Selkirk Saddle Club to use land along the Illecillewaet expires in February.

The Club has asked that this new agreement be extended to 15 years because it wants to build a covered riding ring and such a lease will help it secure the financing it needs to complete the project.

Click here to read the report to Council from Teresa Lerose, deputy director of corporate administration.