A Remembrance Day in the sun

By David F. Rooney

A gloriously sunny morning helped spur large numbers of Revelstokians to attend Sunday’s Remembrance Day ceremony.

The community usually comes out by the hundreds but this year’s crowd could well have pushed 1,000. A number of people remarked on the size of the crowd later and all in all, this year’s ceremony appeared to be brighter and livelier than usual.Perhaps that, too was caused by the bright sunshine and almost un-natural lack of rain or snow.

As a nice little addendum to the annual ceremony, Marlene MacQuarrie, Long-time chaplain to Legion Branch 46, was presented with one of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medals during a brief ceremony at the Legion.

Here are some photos from this year’s ceremony and medal presentation:

Jim Sawatzky carries forward the official Government of Canada wreath to the cenotaph. David F. Rooney photo
MLA Norm Macdonald lays the wreath from the Province of British Columbia. David F. Rooney photo
Mayor David Raven takes a moment to pay his respects after laying the City of Revelstoke wreath at the war memorial. David F. Rooney photo
Helen Grace prepares to lay a wreath on behalf of the mothers of Canada. David F. Rooney photo
Legion Branch President Greg Brownlee pays his respects before laying a wreath on behalf of Legion Branch 46. David F. Rooney photo
Sue Driediger strides forward to lay a wreath on behalf of the Ladies Auxiliary. David F. Rooney photo
Const. Seanan Sharp salutes after laying a wreath on behalf of the Revelstoke RCMP detachment. David F. Rooney photo
Cadet Sol Moorehead and Capt. Kelly Rienks laid a wreath on behalf of the Rocky Mountain Rangers. David F. Rooney photo
Arrow Heights Elementary Students prepare to lay a wreath. David F. Rooney photo
Begbie View Elementary students were next… David F. Rooney photo
And Columbia Park Elementary students completed the parade of school students who paid their respect on behalf of all local school children. David F. Rooney photo
Girl Guides come forward with their wreath in honour of our country’s — and our city’s — war dead. David F. Rooney photo
After those formal presentations, members of the public came forward with their own wreaths. David F. Rooney photo
After the ceremony Mayor David Raven and MLA Norm Macdonald spoke with residents, including this young woman. David F. Rooney photo
The Legion is where a great many residents traditionally gather after the Remembrance Day ceremony. Here, Fran Carlson and her father, Frank Grace, talk with Legion Chaplain Marlene MacQuarrie. David F. Rooney photo
Shortly after the ceremony MLA Norm Macdonald presented Marlene with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. David F. Rooney photo
Although Marlene modestly said she had “always stayed under the radar,” she appeared nonetheless pleased to have been presented with the medal. “I’ll treasure this always,” she said. David F. Rooney photo