2012 Bear’s Den Squash Classic yielded a bumper crop of local winners

Revelstoke winners in last weekend’s Bear’s Den Squash Classic Tournament posed for a photo at the event’s conclusion. Nikki Ball photo

The Revelstoke Racquet Den’s 2012 Bear’s Den Classic Squash Tournament last weekend showed the growing power of local squash players.

“We had many Revelstokians in the tournament, as well as players from around the province,” said novice player Nikki Ball in an e-mail to The Current. (On an aside: I had planned to drop by the tourney last Saturday but was ill most of the weekend.) “It was very successful. Kevin Dorius did a great job organizing it and our sponsors were awesome, too.”

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And the winners were:

Mens A

1st: Stuart Smith, Revelstoke

2nd: Bryan Woodward, Revelstoke

Cons: Jeremy Tymkiw, Salmon Arm

Mens B:

1st: Steve Bradwell, Salmon Arm

2nd: Jordan Iannone, Penticton

Cons: Tim Schumacher, Revelstoke

Mens C / Ladies B

1st: Leon Mulenga, Cranbrook

2nd: Mike Piva, Trail

Cons: Ben Harper-Heir, Revelstoke

Mens D / Ladies C

1st: Gavin Mason, Revelstoke

2nd: Al Laidlaw, Revelstoke

3rd: Nadine Ducharme, Revelstoke


1st: Nikki Ball, Revelstoke

2nd: Tettey Tetteh, Revelstoke

3rd: Stephanie Noel, Revelstoke