Name your poison

By David F. Rooney

Call them cocktails. Call them poo poos… with the usually hot, dry August long weekend fast approaching there seems to be no better time to ask this ever-popular question: What’s your favourite mixed drink in the summer?

Is it a Harvey Wallbanger? A Margarite or how about a Bloody Caesar? Or — dare we ask — is it something no one has ever before heard of?

Whatever your choice of thirst quencher may be, inquiring minds want to know about it — especially if it is something really new and original.

This could be a fun little feature but only if you’re up for it.The Current has already received one truly new and inspired mixed-drink recipe and I have to say it is also very, very local.

Send your recipes and — if you can — a photo of the drink in question to by noon on Thursday, August  2, and we’ll publish them all in time for the weekend.