Teachers to hold rally with noise potential

The Revelstoke Teachers’ Association will be holding a rally to demonstrate their opposition to Bill 22 and a legislated collective agreement.  The rally will occur on Wednesday June 20, from 4 pm to 5 pm at the intersection of Victoria Road and Mackenzie Avenue.

“Bill 22 allows the provincial government to eliminate the Charter-protected right of teachers to participate in full collective bargaining,” RTA President Bill MacFarlane said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon.

“It also predetermines the outcome of mediation because of the requirement outlined in the legislation that the mediator is required to ensure that that BCPSEA’s concessions on seniority, layoff and recall, evaluation and dismissal, and teachers’ professional autonomy are addressed in a collective agreement.  It is clear that the government is using its legislative authority to impose instead of negotiating a fair and reasonable collective agreement.”

Members of the public are encouraged to attend and bring signs, noise makers and pots and pans.

The BC Teachers Federation and the provincial government have for months been unable to reach agreement on a new contract.