Seniors honour their local volunteers

Volunteer Coordinator Jean Petersen (right) poses with the men and women whose volunteer work has helped benefit the lives of other seniors in our community. From left to right are: back row: Sharon Riome - Driver; Sonny Pedersen - Driver; Elaine Lajeneusse, Computer Tutor; Dale Morehouse - Driver; Sandra Dryden – Driver. Front row: Chris Meade - Computer Tutor; Patti Glassman - Computer Tutor; Una McInnes - Driver; Jean Pedersen - Coordinator of Volunteers.Missing from the photo: Wendy Harper - Good Morning volunteer; Larry Pawlitsky - Computer Tutor; Charlie Varalta - Driver; Bev Wiege - Driver; Gary Pendergast - Computer Tutor; George Hopkins - Computer Tutor; Daria Dubrovskya - Computer Tutor; Gary McLaughlin - Computer Tutor; Amy Burton - Driver. Photo courtesy of the Revelstoke Senior Citizens' Association
Jean Pedersen

The Revelstoke Senior Citizens’ Association honored its volunteers from the Computer Tutorial Program, the Volunteer Medical Transportation Program and the Good Morning Program on November 16.  The volunteers were invited to the monthly birthday party to enjoy cake and coffee and received certificates of appreciation.

The programs, which are entirely dependent upon volunteers, have been extremely successful in the last year.  The Volunteer Medical Transportation Program has provided members of our community with 22 drives to medical appointment out of town and 6 local drives.  These drives are provided when other transportation is not available or appropriate for individuals to attend specialist appointments, medical testing, surgeries, etc.  The volunteers give the gift of their time and brave the highways to ensure that the medical needs are met for those who have registered to use the program.

The computer tutorial program is an ongoing success story and continues to be very popular with the membership.  Over the last year volunteers have tutored over 100 seniors in computer literacy.  This success has earned the Seniors the 2011 Community Literacy Award from the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy.  The program continues to offer a variety of courses to its members.  Another round of classes will be scheduled in mid January and February.  We are always looking for more volunteer tutors – no teaching experience necessary – just a willingness to share your knowledge.

We are also implementing a few new programs this fall, Helping Hands Home Services which will provide volunteers to assist elderly and disabled individuals in need with snow removal and yard maintenance.  We are in desperate need of volunteers for these programs.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the volunteers who have helped over the past year and who will be helping this coming year.  Their generosity and loyalty is greatly appreciated.  If you would like to join the volunteer team please contact the Coordinator of Volunteers at the Seniors Center at (250) 837-9456 or drop in Tuesday through Friday from 9-noon.