Council ponders a lifestyle pitch to attract new residents

City Councillors examine a book produced by the community in Langford to promote that city as a tourist destination. Revelstoke is now considering doing something similar in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and local businesses. Councillors were told the proposal would not cost taxpayers a dime. David F. Rooney photo

By David F. Rooney

City Council is willing to explore the possibility of producing a book that promotes ‘a Revelstoke lifesyle’ similar to efforts by the Vancouver Island city of Langford to attract new residents, tourism and business opportunities.

The so-called City of Langford: Living the Lifestyle is a slick-looking coffee table-style publication by Blue Beetle Books that could be replicated here. Plans are already being laid in Golden to publish a similar book. (Click here to see a sample of of the Langford book)

“There would be no cost to the City,” Councillor Antoinette Haberstadt said at Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday.

That may well be true but it’s going to cost 10 “community partners” $5,500 a pop to produce 3,000 copies of the book. Each partner would receive 200 copies of the Revelstoke book — if it goes ahead . The books would retail for between $50 and $60. The City would receive 1,000 copies free.

“With your help we encourage local businesses and organizations to become community ‘Champions’ and advance-purchase copies of the book; in return they get a full-colour, double-page corporate profile, which we write, design and even arrange professional photography for, if required, Blue Beetle’s website said.

The book would be filled with photos and written materials promoting Revelstoke as a place to live.

The Chamber of Commerce’s Interim Executive Director, Adelheid Bender, said the book would most like be attractive to European visitors.

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