A true coffee experience

Conor Hurley of Stoke Roasted Coffee teamed up with Krista Cadieux of the Sangha Bean Cafe to hold a cupping on Friday.

Cupping is a method of evaluating different characteristics of a particular coffee bean. Cupping allows people to compare and contrast coffees against each other allowing them to acquire a better understanding of each coffee’s complex flavours, bouquets, tastes and bodies.

Analogous to a wine tasting this was a very interesting experience that Cadieux said would definitely be repeated. Here are a few photos from the event:

Conor Hurley of Stoke Roasted Coffee talks about different types of coffee with Karen Schneider, Sangha Bean owner Krista Cadieux, Rich Hamilton and his wife Sally Carmichael during a cupping at the Connaught Avenue cafe. A cupping is analogous to a wine tasting. Participants at the Friday evening cupping tasted coffees from Mexico, Colombia, Ethiopia and Uganda and judged them for their bouquet, body and taste. David F. Rooney photo
Rich Hamilton and Sally Carmichael sample the bouquet of dry ground coffee — the first step in a cupping. Having sampled the chocolatey odour of freshly ground coffee beans, they were ready to actually infuse the grounds and then sample the infusion. David F. Rooney photo
Conor Hurley pours water into cups filled with freshly ground coffee. David F. Rooney photo
Krista Cadieux concentrates on the subtle and complex flavours of a Mexican coffee. David F. Rooney photo