City appreciates its volunteers

The City of Revelstoke has long relied on the volunteer efforts of ordinary citizens to accomplish all of its governmental tasks. Interested and civic-minded men and women sit on committees ranging from Economic Development to Public Works, from the Health Advisory Committee to the Environment Committee. And without them little would get done.

All too often the volunteers’ efforts are rarely recognized but this year Council decided it was time to offer a gesture of thanks, which it did by hosting a party at the Last Drop. Here are a few photos from that event:

The City of Revelstoke relies heavily on the voluntary efforts of its citizens to accomplish its goals through municipal government committees and activities and this year Council decided it was time to recognize those people's efforts with a party at the Last Drop. Here, Mayor David Raven chats with Joe Verbalis who sits on the Economic Development Commission
City Councillor Steve Bender (left) front talks with Brett Renaud (left, back), Colin Horkley and David Johnson. David F. Rooney photo
Matt Hartwich of the Last drop serves some appetizers to Poppi Reiner and Shirley Berg at the City's Volunteer Appreciation Evening. David F. Rooney photo