A nasty MVA and fire at RMR kept firefighters busy

Local Fire Rescue Services have had a busy couple of days what with an ugly-looking motor vehicle accident at the intersection of LaForme Boulevard and the Trans-Canada and a fire at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

A statement from Fire Chief Rob Girard said the MVA occurred at 4:58 pm on Tuesday and firefighters responded to a 911 report of a person trapped in a car that had been in a collision with as tractor-trailer.

“Firefighters quickly deployed the Jaws of Life and other tools to rescue the trapped occupant of the motor vehicle,” Girard said. “BCAS then transported the individual to Queen Victoria Hospital.  “Firefighters were quick to extricate the occupant of the vehicle. “These type of incidents involving semi tractor trailers versus cars can be the most troubling for rescuers and crews did a great job.” (You can see photos from the accident scene below.)

Wednesday morning firefighters were again called into service when they received a fire alarm at 7:39 am at RMR’s Building 3, 2959 Camozzi Road.

“Fire crews quickly determined the fire was isolated to a suite on the second floor of the new Building 3 of the Resort,” the chief said.

“The fire was isolated to the kitchen area of the suite and was extinguished by the sprinkler system.  Fire crews performed extensive ventilation to clear the toxic smoke from the suite and the hallway.”

Firefighters extinguished the flames, checked for fire extension and overhauled the fire in under an hour. There were no injuries. The suite sustained substantial smoke and water damage. The call was responded to by 19 firefighters and 4 fire apparatus.

As to the cause of the fire, that is under investigation by the Fire Inspector/Assistant Chief Roger Echlin. Details will be released once the investigation is complete.

Here are three photos from the scene of that accident late Tuesday afternoon:

This car didn't stand a chance when it became involved in a collision with this semi at the intersection of LaForme Boulevard and the Trans-Canada Highway late Tuesday afternoon. Photo courtesy of Revelstoke Fire Rescue Services
A firefighter checks the interior of the car. Firefighters needed the Jaws of Life to extricate a passenger in the vehicle. Photo courtesy of Revelstoke Fire Rescue Services
Collisions involving semis and passenger vehicles are "troubling," Fire Chief Rob Girard said. Photo courtesy of Revelstoke Fire Rescue Services