Protein for People was satisfying

Saturday’s Protein For People event at the United Church proved to be a pretty popular culinary event. Here is a selection of photos from the event:

Branden Hailey (left) and Alan Laidlaw (right) of The Rev entertained participants. Laura Stovel photo
Five-year-old Quitzma Higgins watches, fascinated as clown Ken Jones makes him a balloon dog. Laura Stovel photo
Rotarian Pam Doyle flips burgers. Laura Stovel photo
Four-year-old Maeve MacLeod takes a look at the artistry of face painter Kristi Sutherland. Laura Stovel photo
Khoa Mai, Shey Townley and Owen Knight-Flood enjoy hamburgers. Laura Stovel photo
Rotarian Jason Keerak flips burgers as part of the Rotary Club's contribution to the event. Laura Stovel photo
Eleanor Wilson reads to three-year-old Isobel. Laura Stovel photo