It’s Social Services Awareness Month

Dear Editor,

This month, many organizations, associations, unions, and municipalities across BC are proclaiming March as Community Social Services Awareness Month. The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness of the critical role that community-based social services play in improving the quality of life for everyone. Social services make our communities stronger and more stable, not only by supporting those in need, but also by building capacity at a very essential level.

Community social services include a variety of supportive programs, from prenatal, child care and infant development programs to care for the elderly. The continued availability and improvement of these services is vital to the social integrity and sustainability of our community.

For a complete listing and contact information for services in Revelstoke, download the Directory of Social Services for Revelstoke and Area from

Take time this month to appreciate and thank all those educators and caregivers who make Revelstoke such a great place to live!


Jill Zacharias, Social Development Coordinator
Revelstoke Community Social Development Committee
City of Revelstoke