Grizzlies need YOUR help to go to the Provincial Championships

The Grizzlies are bound for the Provincial Championships next month... but only if they can come up with the $8,000 it will cost to get them there. The Grizzlies jubilantly pose for a team photo after winning the KIHL Championship in Nelson on Saturday. But the team may not even get to the coast to play in the provincials without help from the folks at home in Revelstoke. The team is holding a fundraiser on Tuesday. Photo courtesy of Staci Thur/Revelstoke Grizzlies

By David F. Rooney

Anyone who has read his columns over the last few years knows that Steve Smith is a dyed-in-the-wool Grizzlies fan.

That’s why he’s just about out of his mind over the late-breaking news that the Revelstoke Grizzlies, the team that just won the KIJHL Championships, can’t afford to go to the Provincial Championships next weekend and a crack at the Cyclone Taylor Cup.

“Do you know anyone who has really, really, really deep pockets,” he asked, with a slightly frantic edge to his voice.

“We gotta help these guys get to the Provincials, Dave. We just gotta!”

The Grizzlies need $8,000 to get to the coast for the Provincial Championships Easter weekend.

“BC Hockey and the host committee do not cover all of the costs associated with going,” Head Coach Troy Mick said in a statement released Sunday evening. “If you know anybody who would like to donate for the cause please let us know.”

Towards that end the team is holding a fundraiser on Tuesday, March 30. There will be a silent auction of Grizzlies merchandise, Treasure Island in Las Vegas and more.

“We are having a skate with the Grizzlies between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m.,” Cheryl Fry of the Grizzlies Society said in the statement, adding that admission is by donation.

“You can also have your picture taken with your favorite Grizzly player with the trophy.  Or, get an autographed picture from the Grizzlies.  The Grizzlies are also having a bottle drive, so bring your bottles and come down to the arena for a night of fun with the Grizzlies.”

Well, Steve, I haven’t got really deep pockets but I’ll gladly donate a year’s free advertising in the form of a leaderboard on The Revelstoke Current’s Sports page to the first business that ponies up $4,000 in cash, or more, to help the boys get out to the Provincials. The leaderboard is a guaranteed-visibility product that runs across the top of the page.

But they have to go. The offer’s not valid unless they do.

While we wait to see if they can raise the money they need, here are a few photos of the Grizzlies in Nelson on Saturday evening:

Caleb Roy (left) guards a Leaf in front of goalie Andrew Parent. Photo courtesy of Staci Thur/Revelstoke Grizzlies
Hyper-excited Grizzlies pile onto each other after beating the Nelson Leafs to win the KIJHL Championship in Nelson on Saturday. Photo courtesy of Staci Thur/Revelstoke Grizzlies
Grizzlies' Captain Lucas Blinkhorn hoists the championship trophy. Photo courtesy of Staci Thur/Revelstoke Grizzlies


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