$291K Grants Given From Resort Municipality Initiatives

Revelstoke is truly blessed with the numerous financial opportunities to enhance, expand or create a work of art or a visionary piece that is for the betterment of the community. The City has recommended to council that the Resort Municipality Initiative fund several community-minded projects to the amount of $291,000.

Since 2008, the City of Revelstoke has participated in the RMI program and thus has allowed for hefty investments into the tourism sector as well a providing support to a variety of community organizations.

The Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture informed the Director of Community Economic Development; Nicole Fricot that funding has been renewed for the 2018/19 season and will be provided in two payments. The first payment for the 2018 funding is based on the current RMI formula and will be in the amount of $291,334, however, the formula used to determine the second payment for 2018 may be different.

Applications poured in for grants in April and all applicants must meet the Grant Application Guidelines, in order to receive funding through the RMI initiative projects. Each applicant must have a project with a focus on achieving the provincial RMI outcomes as well as addressing the priorities of the Revelstoke 5-year destination tourism plan.

The Tourism Infrastructure Committee reviewed 13 applications at its meeting held on May 8, 2018. Upon approval from Council, the Committee is recommending that the 291,000 be awarded to the following: