End of The Line: Stepping Aside From The Current

Stepping Aside from the Current

It is time that I step aside from the Revelstoke Current. After I was gifted the Legacy Paper, I have been able to manage work-life balance, however, it has been absorbing time away from my full-time job and more importantly my family. My goal with this was to help build it up and pass it to someone who had a more analytical eye than I do. This was for the love of the game, and I am (still) hoping that someone would be of similar nature and want to see it grow.

Professionally speaking, I also have to consider what my first love is and what I want to see for myself in the career path that I have chosen. I have to admit, working on the Current has opened my eyes to what I think I may want to move into in my future. I have a learned a great deal in a short while, not only about the community and how the City runs but also about my writing.

Recognition and Reimbursement

Are there sharper writers than me? Absolutely. I personally think Aaron Orlando is a brilliant journalist with excellent writing skills and a keen eye. I learned a lot from reading his articles in both topical information and structure. Every time I read a story written by Aaron I am fascinated by his flow of words and how he breaks the details down. I always enjoyed reading how Rooney would find facts and figure out a way to poke the bear. We would meet up every week to discuss local politics, writing, and the local journalists. He gave me notes, tips and advice on writing my blogs, and while I realize I can’t win everybody, I can always win somebody and that is who I write for. I have learned a great deal by reading our local journalists columns over the last several years, but the majority of the credit goes to Rooney.

I am proud of what I have accomplished in the short time I had the Current and it has forced me to motivate myself further into writing, journalism and seeking the truth. With that said, it is time I look at what I want for myself in my career and see where it will take me. While I don’t know what is in store for me, I am certain a window will open in time.

For those that donated to the GoFundMe Campaign will be reimbursed in full. GoFundMe will be making all the necessary arrangements to make sure each donor gets their money back.

What is the fate of the Current?

At this point, there is no clear solution to this predicament. While a few ideas are on the table, nothing has been set in motion and certainly nothing concrete. Revelstoke is a great community, but many outlets are all chasing the elusive (and thin) advertising dollar and it makes for a hard road to go alone.

After exhausting numerous ways to continue the Current, nothing was set. Does it mean it is gone forever? Well, never say never….but we must say…for now…

Thank you for the overwhelming and humbling support. It truly was one of the most surreal experiences to see the outpouring of emails and messages about me taking it on. I appreciate everyone in this community who has ever helped me take a step further into my career. While this weighs heavy on my heart, I have to consider what is best for my family and my career moving forward.