BC Arts Council Wants Student Applications For Post-Secondary School Scholarships

Arts and culture are a necessary and important part of society. It provides entertainment and education of different cultures as well as individualistic art in various forms. Art can inspire, and draw awareness to important issues in today’s world as well as provides opportunities for humans to step back, and take a break from the everyday norms and let a story lead them down a path of wonderment.

Students who are interested in the arts and are enrolled in post-secondary studies are encouraged to send their applications to be considered for a potential grant north of $6,000 from the BC Arts Council Scholarship Program.

Those interested in arts administration, community-based arts practice, museology, creative writing, conservation, dance, media arts, theatre music, curatorial practice and visual arts are eligible for the BC Arts Council scholarship.

The provincial government has invested $60 million in arts funding to cultural organizations and artists throughout B.C. to enhance opportunities for those with a passion in the arts world. The B.C. Arts Council is providing $24 Million in funds to help further the desire.

More information on guidelines and program details, including eligibility, can be found at: http://www.bcartscouncil.ca/guidelines/artists/youth/scholarship_awards.html

Deadline for submission is Monday, April 30th 2018.