With Legalization In July- What Does That Mean For Revelstoke?

Puff-Puff-Pass the buck around…Dude.

The B.C. Government has been honing in on the details that surround regulating and selling non-medicinal marijuana.

BC Liquor Store Distribution Branch will be the wholesale distributor of marijuana as many suspected based on their announcement of this last year. The BCLD will be creating and operating a new standalone checkerboard of stores.

Much like alcohol, the legal age of possession will be 19 years old and maximum amount of 30 grams of non-medicinal cannabis on one person. The details surrounding marijuana are very much similar to purchasing alcohol.

Cannabis is not allowed inside a motor vehicle and those caught with it will be given a 90-day prohibition. The cannabis must be sealed or in an inaccessible place from the driver. As of right now there is currently a zero-tolerance rule in place in terms of alcohol for drivers, this will also apply for the presence of THC.

Outdoor recreational use is banned in public areas such as beaches, public parks and playgrounds (Any area where children are located or playing).

Adults are able to grow cannabis, however it must not be visible from public spaces, those that are renting are subject to the rules that the landlord set as it is their property, strata councils can determine whether or not weed is grown on their shared property lines and the maximum amount of 4 plants per household.

These regulations have yet to be set; however, they are expected to be implemented during the next legislative session, making room for when non-medicinal cannabis is legalized in July.

Retail licences can be sought after in the springtime with no cap on how many can apply, but local governments can step in and put the kibosh if it is not what is best for their respective community. Those that may end up with a pot show, their hours of operation will be from 9am-11pm and must be a self-contained business with an acceptation to that rule in smaller markets. Although the sign on the doors of the BC Liquor stores that children are not allowed, many children have been seen inside of the facility with the care of a parent. In this case, children will not be able to enter the place of business and of course, samples will not be allowed.

As far as cost goes, there has not been any specific detail laid out as to what the cost breakdown will become. For those that would like to purchase edible marijuana, that has no regulation surrounding it and will most likely be deferred until a year after legalization takes place this summer.

The question is; does Revelstoke need a true pot shop? Will it be sustainable and will the community go for it?

Many inquiries have hit the Development Service Department in Revelstoke, however no actual applications have been handed in as of yet. Director of Development Services, Nigel Whithead shared some information on this unchartered territory.

“Zoning bylaw doesn’t envision retail sales or growing at this point of time, but there could be a business case for medicinal use. With that said, that is an extremely large green house operation with security similar to medium security prisons.”

Anyone wanting to sell marijuana will have wait for regulations from the City, and the hope is to have a regulation in place prior to July, but until the Federal Government has it down to the exact details a provision could be set in Revelstoke until city staff wrap their heads around it.

For those  inclined to consider the option:



For those that are thrilled at the idea of pot becoming a legal entity here in Canada may only have to wait five months before toking up. Those that are dead set against the legalization of what is now still very much an illegal narcotic, may have to come to terms with the drastic change and accept that in time, Revelstoke could be a place where marijuana is sold in a downtown shop.

Mayor Mark McKee stated when asked about the potential change, “There will always be people in support of it as well as people who are not. The bottom line is, if it’s a legal business and it meets any regulation that any level of government imposes, it will be allowed in Revelstoke.”