Nu-Trend Construction Donated $1000 To Farwell Splash Park

For the one person in town that doesn’t know who Peter Bernacki is about too. He is the man in the black cowboy hat, even when he isn’t wearing it.

That’s talent.

Peter Bernacki from Nu-Trend Construction has given $1000 towards the rejuvenation of Farwell Park with the potential inception of a Splash Park were the historic and memorable wading pool once sat. Bernacki, who is not shy to camera nor to giving back to the community told the Revelstoke Current, “You gotta give back. That’s what its all about. Just think, you can bring Rebar-Jack down here to splash around.”

This tops it up to $215K of the $653K goal. With Columbia Basin Trust and and a few other grant options, this park could potentially a highlight of for the kids this year.

The Farwell Splash Park Society would like to thank Don and Gloria Gillespie for donating the massive cheque to help drum up awareness!!