Unbearable Liteness of Being A Teen- RSS Theatre

This show is about:

“The world of being a teen: Those crazy six years that shape us all. Charlie’s on the fringe over fringes. Jimmy’s reflection is talking back. Annie’s in love with Josh Kowalski, who’s in love with Lisa, who’s blonde. The mean girls are contemplating charity. Josh is trying to explain why he’s just not that into you. Cameron’s dealing with divorced parents and a chemistry test. Jane’s just sick of tests. And all the girls are sick of looking at that page in the health book. Teen life. Teen love. It’s about laughing at ourselves, teen parents, teachers, and even the lunch ladies.”

Produced by Heuer Publishing


This play is suitable for ages 12 and up.  There is no swearing, but there are some serious issues discussed, things like peer pressure, depression, fear of the future, etc.

Shows are: Thursday, June 7 and Friday, June 8.

Doors open at: 7:00, Curtain is at: 7:30  (Two acts approx. 40 minutes, each)

Tickets are: $10.00 for adults, Students $5.00

Tickets are available at the RSS school office or contact Mrs. T. Browning (tbrowning@sd19.bc.ca)

No reserved seating.