Kraft Hockeyville: Ken Zmaeff Votes For Fernie For The Right Reason

Kraft Hockeyville is accepting nominations for which arena qualifies for upgrades and Revelstoke local, Ken Zmaeff is asking our community to support Fernie this year, and submit a nomination for the Fernie Memorial.

Not to say our very own Revelstoke Forum couldn’t use a new roof or a few upgrades, however, Revelstoke has received monies from Kraft Hockeyville in the past. As far as our Forum goes, the barn burns bright during the Revelstoke Grizzlies games and the staff are their to make sure everything is maintained.

Under the circumstances, it would show true community spirit to step up and support their community, because one day, we might need their support in return.

“I’m sure all Canadian Hockey Fans can recall the recent incident that forced 100 or more families from their homes by a deadly ammonia leak at the Fernie Memorial Arena, last fall. Three men lost their lives in that incident. With our community of Revelstoke, in all it stands for, in my opinion, should support an effort in which we forgo our own arena needs and vote for Fernie, in the Kraft Hockeyville Annual Competition. This would demonstrate Revelstoke’s commitment to the sport of ice hockey, in a way that costs nothing, but shows tremendous value, so please take the time to submit a vote in recognition of a tragic event.” Zmaeff explained to the Revelstoke Current.

The nominations close on February 11th, 2018. That is 30 days between then and now. With the support going to Fernie this year, we could really show who we are as a community. You can enter your choice by clicking the link below.

“Let’s be Krafty about sportsmanship!” Ken Zmaeff said with a little tongue-in-cheek humour.