Stack The Back- Community Connections Food Drive

The Christmas season was always an amazing time for me growing up. My father made it magical. To this day, if you ask him if he believes in Santa Claus, he will say “Of course” as if it was a matter of fact. He is the reason why I believe in the spirit of Christmas. Every year he made a point to bring me upstairs to the kitchen table and we would write out a cheque to the Empty Stocking Fund. He let me know that not every family has the same situation we have. He taught me that although the holidays are a thrilling time for some, they are stressful and worrisome for others.

This Friday, December 8th is Stack The Back! The EZ Rock- Community Connections Food Drive, 6am-4pm.

Randy at Jacobson Ford is dropping off a Pick-Up Truck to the Save-On-Foods parking lot where it will be ready for the community to fill it up, front to back, side to side and top to bottom! If you are a business and have a donation box in your office, drop it off and stop by upstairs to let us know!

There is no set goal, weight or amount. It is pure and simply, whatever we make, is great!

Thanks to Randy at Jacobson Ford and Rob at Save-On-Foods for their support!