Mayor Report with Mark McKee: Year End, December 22nd, 2017

2017 was a busy year in Revelstoke; we managed to have some big highlights, massive changes and growth in population by roughly 500 people. With success and change, can bring controversy and this community is no stranger to it, however, the positives outweigh the negatives. Mayor Mark McKee sat down with the Revelstoke Current for a year end recap.

10 years ago today, the red ribbon was cut, Revelstoke Mountain Resort was now in play and that is exactly what every skier and snowboarder have been doing since. The ski hill has changed the dynamic in Revelstoke over the years, from a quaint sleepy community that thrives (and still does) on CP Rail, Downie Timber and the logging industry, to a major shift in focus in the tourism sector. With the hill drawing international dollars to this community, the playing field has drastically changed the housing market and the overall cost of living. With the backbone of the community still the workers of CP, Downie and forestry, the hill has been a source of economic growth in Revelstoke.

Completed a Road Asset Management Plan

Completed a Trail Strategy

Completed Phase-1 of the Big Eddy Water Project

Completed the Roundabout in Victoria Road

Completed the water upgrades and sewer to the Thomas Brooke area, with asphalt to be laid in the spring

Completed Diagnostic Inventory for the South Revelstoke/Area B. This was a joint effort between the City, CSRD and the Province

Completed a three year resort shuttle service agreement

Approved a Storm Water Management Plan

Approved Debt Management and Financing policy

Approved Financial Plan policy

Started a Side Walk Strategy that will continue into 2018

Started a front wheels lift station replacement

Started a 15 year financial plan

Started The Revelstoke Forum needs to be assessed and the City is looking at viable options for upgrades to barn.

Started The City has received a rural dividend grant to develop plans for a multi-use facility at the Revelstoke Golf Club as well as a second grant for developing a tech strategy.

Revised the Reserve and Surplus policy

Development Service Department was overwhelmed this past year with a back log of application permits, forcing the City to hire a contract worker on a part-time basis for zoning and land use planning. This department will be considered during the budget process, as the building permits for 2018 are expected to be in the ballpark of 30-million dollars.

“Two years ago, about 14 million dollars in application 19 million dollars last year and this year were going to be hitting around 30 million dollars.”