Amazing Gift From The Endrizzi Family

On Monday December 11th I received an early Christmas gift from the Endrizzi family! As I fumbled my way through the morning show, Milo began barking which meant that someone was in the office; and to my surprise, the Endrizzis’  were waiting with a mysterious package.

Kelly, Marissa and Kiara handed me the meticulously wrapped present; the little boy in me tore it apart like a banana after a monkey. As I trashed the silver wrapping paper, it revealed an acrylic painting of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the 1983 movie Ghostbusters. Laura put in 100 hours to create this handmade gift, and it is truly a piece of art, literally.

Since Laura was 10 years old, she could sit in any room and draw a replica of what was in front of her. This gift she has did not come from a school with intense artistic training, this natural ability stems from the wonders of the world.

Laura informed the Revelstoke Current that the artistic gene runs in the family. Laura’s mother has a creative touch with paint and canvas and her father, Marco, although it has been a while, has an old sketch pad collecting dust in the attic somewhere.

All of her daughters have the ability to either sketch, paint or draw. Whether it’s a painting of Spiderman or their own creation, these young girls have a streak of talent running in the veins.

I guess you could say the Endrizzi family as the artistic touch!

Thank you for the wonderful gift! You made the 8 year old boy in me one happy Ghostbuster fan!