Who Will Run In The 2018 Election?

The question of who will be our next Mayor and Council has been floating around the coffee shops and water coolers for some time now. With The election coming up in the fall, rumours of who will run or should run have circulated around town like a water eddy.

“I heard Tommy is runnin’!”

On the April 13th issue of the Mayor Report, Mark McKee confirmed that he would not be seeking re-election for the Mayoral seat for the 2018-2022 term. Councillor Duke confirmed with the Revelstoke Current that he would not be running for council again and would be focusing on life and work.

This leaves Councillors, English, Orlando, Sulz, Brothers and Nixon to decide if running again is in the cards.  While they are keeping their card close to the chest, for now, they will be announcing whether or not they want another crack at it on Saturday, September 22nd which is the official start to the campaign period.

While handshaking and social media conversing may start earlier, it is technically not campaigning until the official announcement and the signs start being put up on the boulevard where the new roundabout- will be (I suppose a new high visual spot will be needed!).

In 2014, Michael Brooks-Hill tossed a wrench into the mix when he threw his name into the hat against Mayor Dave Raven and candidate Mark McKee. While McKee won the election, Brooks-Hill had a decent following in terms of votes. Could there be another sleeper agent in the shadows waiting to pounce at the right moment? If there is, they have until Friday, September 14th to put their official papers into the City as a candidate for either Mayor or Council.

For the most part, many wander into the Rec centre to vote for their preferred candidates; however, in 2014 the City included “mail-in voting procedures” which allowed for an additional voting opportunity. To further enhance the voting procedure staff recommends an additional inclusion to the bylaw of “automated voting procedures” for both General Election Day as well as the two advanced voting opportunities. The benefit to an automated voting system would reduce the number of people required to run an election and produce results much quicker. It also reduces the human error factor and saves time in the case of a recount.

This year the City will not be using a votes list, therefore, two pieces of identification will be required when you vote.

While we are still a ways off yet, the election will be held one month earlier this year and is scheduled for October 20, 2018, at the community centre. Advanced voting is scheduled this year for October 10th and 17th 2018.

So, who do you think will run?