The Hui’s Have Donated $30,000 To Three Local Charities

It comes to no surprise that a humble Steven & Dorothy Hui are shy to allow the camera to flash and spotlight their generous giving, but credit where credit is do.

The Hui’s recently gave the Farwell Splash Park Society $10,000 to help ensure the dilapidated park is rejuvenated for the next generation of kids can enjoy the valued park.

Patti Larson was rather excited when she went to visit Pharmasave for a few items and was pleasantly surprised with a cheque for the Community Connections Food Bank to the tune of $10,000!

“It’s not often you walk into a pharmacy to purchase a few items and walk out with a $10,000 donation; only in Revelstoke and only Steven Hui!” Larson gleefully exclaimed.

The Hui’s also made a generation donation of $10,000 to Community Foundation which those who know both Steven and Dorothy, this is one faction that is near and dear to their heart.

“One for the kids, one for the food bank and one for something important to us personally.” A shy Hui told the Revelstoke Current.

These donations are in part, a way to thank the community for all the years of patronage as well as wanting to give back to the community who helped with the success of Pharmasave.