Small Town Business Owners May Have A Chance To Have Their Say

Revelstoke is known for a true to heart small town feel, privately owned Ma’n Pa stores that create and emphasize the characterization of a town from the past. It is the small businesses that are the backbone of the economy of British Columbia.

Big chains exist, we know this, they can provide below cost pricing at times because of buying power and there are occasions in which we need a barrel of mustard, a plethora of granola bars, Listerine that lasts for a decade and a canoe; all under one roof! However, it is the small town local shops that will waive their hand at you on a really small purchase because you are a good customer or even tell you not to worry about paying today because you forgot your wallet at home.

Personally, I have never had such a good relationship with my mechanic before!

A new small business task force has been created to seek council from small business owners all over the province about job sustainability, as well as growing our economy.

The members of B.C.’s Small Business Task Force were announced by Bruce Ralston, Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology, at Just Cakes Bakeshop, a small business in Surrey.

“The new Small Business Task Force will listen to entrepreneurs and business owners throughout the province, so we can continue to improve B.C.’s small business climate,” said Ralston. “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. The Small Business Task Force will make recommendations to build on this sector’s strong growth, and enhance job creation for people in every corner of B.C.”

This task force will be hosting seven consultations throughout the province in June to hear from small town B.C. business community including chambers of commerce, local entrepreneurs and First Nations. For those that cannot make the designated consolations, there will be a chance to participate via online.

While Revelstoke is not on the list of towns in which the consultations will be taking place, there will be one in Kelowna on Thursday, June 28th for Revelstoke business owners to attend.

This could be an excellent opportunity for our Chamber of Commerce and several of the powerhouse business owners in town to head to Kelowna and voice our small towns ability to be innovative and forward thinking.

In order to help small businesses, the Province cut the small business corporate income tax rate by 20%, from 2.5% to 2%. The new tax rate is retroactive to April 1, 2017. It is now the second lowest in Canada, tied with Alberta and Saskatchewan.