SD19 Properties To Be Vape Free Facilities

Growing up in the 90s we called it The Smoke Pit. That was where all the high school students who smoked would spend their breaks. Since that time, school life, although rapidly changing, some things remain the same. Kids pick up bad smoking habits for one reason or another and create an addiction that needs attention throughout the school day.

One relatively new concept that the all school districts needed to address was vaping. While it is not tobacco, it still acts, resembles and glorifies the image of smoking. One that can influence the young ones who see their siblings’ vaping or even a senior they admire.

School District 19 is a new rule in which no student, staff member or visitor is permitted to use any tobacco/smoke/vapour product at any time including non- school hours. Any building or vehicle that is either owned, leased or chartered by SD19 the use of any of those products is strictly prohibited.

For those that want to wander into the parking lot or perhaps the school field, that is also on the list of no-no’s.  Signs will be posted throughout the properties to inform and indicate these rules that SD19 properties are a Tobacco, Smoke and Vapour Free Facility.