Rev. Current Fundraiser/Go Fund Me Campaign

After a long discussion with the board of directors, the Revelstoke Current has decided to start a small start up fundraiser.

It was a large pill to swallow (felt more like a small boat) but the reality is, the site came with many costs and no real income. The funds requested are for further start up costs. Some of the initial costs were paid for by myself and I was happy to do so, I feel it was my way of giving back and investing in the legacy, but there are a few added costs of maintaining the site that are heftier than my monthly income.

Asking the fans of the Current for financial assistance is not the most rewarding feeling, but one of the main reasons for it is to upgrade the Firewall/CDN and the server to make sure the site can handle the frequent guests (which is a great problem to have) as well as any hackers.

Hat-In-Hand we may be today, but who knows what could happen tomorrow!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the Current, It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I am humbled by the numerous words of support.

The total we are fundraising for is $3,449.00. A friend noticed I had typed 5 instead of 3 which makes a big difference!

  • $765.00 for Firewall
  • $585.00 Server Upgrade
  • $2100.00 Insurance (Board/Liability)