Radiothon Brings in Just Over $30,000!!

The Have A Heart Radiothon is a joint effort between Interior Health, Community Foundation and 106.1 FM Revelstoke’s EZ Rock and the past four years has brought in over $40,000.

This year has been a record breaking total of $30,101.65!! In one day, the Radiothon brought in double what it usually does (which is still astonishing) and just shy of what has been fund-raised over the past four years.

Many donations came in anonymously on routine. Many passerby’s left what they could and departed without name or praise, but ultimately helped create this memorable day for the hospital fundraiser. The $5, $10, $20 donations all add up to become a very respectable amount and it definitely showed today.

RBC kicked it off with $1000 which is always a great way to start the day and shortly after Hub International Barton Insurance kicked in $400 and David Lafreniere from Revelstoke Family Pharmacy donated $512 from a crackly phone line as he is in San Francisco!

Cheryl Fry stopped in from the Revelstoke Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store and donated a generous $5,000 which really set things in motion.

The live auction went all day long and bidders were calling in and purposely outbidding friends to have some fun and a tongue in cheek poke at one and other, but it was when Mark Bolton walked into the studio and dropped a bomb shell donation that stunned the room.

Bolton donated $200 on behalf of Trukars Auto & Tire which was a nice gesture and then announced he had something to add. As a representative of the Free Masons in Revelstoke, Bolton produced a cheque for $16,000!

Mark Bolton presents a cheque for $16,000 on behalf of the Free Masons of Revelstoke.

Due to this extremely generous donation by the Masons of Revelstoke, not only will Interior Health be purchasing the dental cart that was the main target, they can now purchase every item and tool that was needed to complete the entire cost project.

Dr. Chris MacDonald stopped by the studio to thank everyone for donating and indicated that the cost of the overall project was to the tune of $29,000 and now a second round of fundraising or dollar seeking is no longer needed and we can go right into implementing this program.

Julie Lowes, Roma Threatful, Dr. Chris MacDonald & Shaun Aquiline.

As a fun side note, Salmon Arm Radiothon brought in an amazing $24,000 this year so it is nice to say we passed them this year in friendly competition!

Thank you to all the volunteers from RBC who came on rotation, Roma Threatful for being Roma Threatful, Roberta Bobicki & RCU for lending Roma and her time as well as the Community Foundation & Interior Health volunteers who worked all day long to keep the pace going! Patrick Ryley from EZ Rock in Salmon Arm and Ben Dirnfeld popping up from SUNFM in Vernon and help make the day a great event!