Ms. Anne Thrope: Tactical Maneuver

Does anybody care what Revelstoke Council does about the growing and sale of commercial cannabis?

Seems council does since it passed a bylaw designed to stall commercial production and peddling of marijuana within the city limits even after the federal government legalizes ganja this summer. Our mayor calls the delaying tactic being “prudent”, more time to listen to what the community wants eg. what the main policies should be, where the shops should be located, what rules will be acceptable to the public.

Holy redundancy, how much more discussion on whacky tabaccy do we need? The only can that’s been kicked around more is the stench from our sewage lagoon. Yes even Mary Jane smells better than our human byproduct.

Let’s not do our typical delay-to-death tactics that have killed or seriously slowed down a number of developments in this town.
The city still carries a $15 M+ debt. We need more tax revenue now.

If you’re still living in your parents world and believe the Nancy Reagan
hyperbole on weed and are a fan of Reefer Madness, you probably don’t know how many prescriptions are issued for medical bud. Does it work?
Ask anyone who has arthritis, has had major surgery, chronic, endless pain, a sleeping disorder, glaucoma, frequently recurring nausea, epilepsy, etc.
Our doctors have that segment of the population covered so those who have a note from the doc. don’t care.
Those who already grow their own don’t care. They will continue regardless.

The teenage years are the greatest risk taking times in our lives, so when studies show that that pot might damage brain development among the young, the young frequently don’t care.

On May 22 a hearing was held to give the public input on pot policy. Not one public submission was made. Council chose to interpret that result as support for the delay strategy. Gosh, could it have meant the opposite? That leaves few left who really care, so get on with it. The city needs the tax revenue.

The long range weather forecast calls for a hot dry summer meaning the city has ordered clothes pins for the noses of every man woman and child in the Southside area. After enduring the stench of the sewage lagoon for well over 20 years it seems that’s the only solution to the olfactory pollution that city hall can come up with or afford.
This column has no remedy to suggest. It’s author has no expertise in dealing with that kind of waste. All that can be offered at this time is sympathy, understanding and a prayer for an early and long winter.

A number of stop gap measures have been taken over the years but have not relieved watering eyes and singed nose hairs. Perhaps we could handle our effluent the way Victoria does. Pump it into the ocean.
It would require a pipeline. Kinder Morgen could partner with us.
KM has been dealing with a lot of crap lately.

It’s starting to appear Revelstoke will have it’s own version of draining the swamp at this fall’s election. It will be up to the new council to try and fix our foul, fecal factor.
What do politics and a sewage treatment plant have in common? Need you ask? The other answer is the need for money, lots of it.

PET PEEVE OF THE MONTH; buying, supposedly, fresh produce in Revelstoke. I’m frequently fed up, rather, unable to get fed on my favourite salad fix because many of the leaves have fallen prey to the great black leaf edge syndrome (B.L.E.S.)
I suspect suppliers mix older stock with newer to get rid of. Oranges and apples are a prime example.
In the summer we have our marvellous farmers market but the prices aren’t always marvellous.
And they wonder why so many shop out of town.

Yours in cynical syntax,

Ms. Anne Thrope.