McHappy Day Draws In The Community & Some Dollars For Ronald McDonald House

I have been working McHappy Day now for five years and every year numerous members of the community come out to volunteer a few hours out of the day to help raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver.


While this house is in Vancouver, it is very relevant to everyone all over B.C. It is a house that hopefully no one has to ever stay at, but life throws harsh curve-balls at times and many families have relied on that house to keep close and find comfort in a time of serious concern.

It is no surprise that Revelstokians take the time to help with the fundraising event and because of these great volunteers helping, The Blakely’s will be able to contribute $6,696.96 towards the house.

A Youthful and determined young Kale Blakely exclaimed in a message to The Current ” We are astonished on the $6696 we raised for the Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver! We would like to thank the volunteers and you for coming out, it means the world to all of us!”

You are welcome Young Jedi! Kudos to everyone involved!

PS- Mayor McCheese did wear his T-shirt.