Faded Crosswalks & Road Surface Markings Need A Refresh

After a rather harsh winter, the roads are rather beaten down and part and parcel to that is the road paint that separates drivers and pedestrians.


As seen below, the crosswalks that run down Third Street West from Connaught Avenue, Campbell Avenue and Boyle Avenue, are extremely faded and somewhat dangerous.

The City sweeper has been out cleaning up the roads, however a contract sweeper has taken over as they move quicker and can get the bulk of the winter sand cleaned up a lot faster. The sweeper is in Arrow Heights now and will be cleaning until the end of next week.

The road painting is hopefully going to begin sometime late next week and possibly into early June as it is weather dependent.

Until the crosswalks and separating lines are visible and clear, keep an extra sharp eye on the road and watch for pedestrians crossing where the faded lines run.