CSRD Cannabis Policy Proposal & Comment Request

The City of Revelstoke has put forward the notion that the sale of cannabis is to be prohibited upon the legalization from the Federal Government until the City can wrap its head around how to properly delegate the controversial substance. However, the CSRD is a whole other area with a separate policy than the City’s.

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District will have their own say in the matter and how it affects those that live within the CSRD. The CSRD is requesting public input to assist in developing a Cannabis Policy for the six Electoral Areas of the Regional District. The federal government intends to legalize cannabis in Canada by July 1, 2018 so the goal is to have a policy in place before that date.

The Province of B.C. will be regulating the wholesale design of Marijuana by determining that cannabis stores will be licensed through the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB). All local governments have been given the opportunity to provide comments and recommendations on all applications, however, the view of the residents of the area must be heard.

On April 19th, the CSRD board asked staff to create a framework of options that would cover all six CSRD Electoral Areas.

The CSRD Cannabis Policy is proposed to include:

  1. Policy statements to deter cannabis related businesses from operating in residential areas.
  2. Locational guidelines for cannabis production facilities and cannabis retail sales.  The guidelines may establish:
  • Minimum distances between cannabis related business, and sensitive locations such as schools, parks, day cares, and heath care facilities, etc.
  • minimum setbacks to separate cannabis related buildings and structures from parcel boundaries (on the parcel in which the business is located)
  1. The process and procedures for receiving and reviewing referrals and applications for cannabis production facilities, and cannabis retail sales.  For example, the policy can establish:
  • what information needs to be included in a referral package submitted to the CSRD
  • the method for gathering public feedback



The CSRD board also has the belief that a few specific items should not be addressed within their policy. For example, the Federal Government is proposing a 4 plant maximum per resident; the CSRD board does not want to address additional rules regarding personal cultivation as well as rules regarding public consumption. As far as where can you set up shop, they do not want to set a cap as to how many cannabis related businesses can be in one particular neighbourhood or community. The design behind this? Leave it to the free market to oust the weakest link and mould to the strong.

This proposed policy cannot address a few items that are either federally regulated or provincially regulated. For those growing weed for medicinal use falls under the Federal Government, therefore nothing can be done at a local level. As for retail and wholesale framework, distribution and age limit all fall under Provincial ruling and both the City of Revelstoke and the CSRD will adhere to once a policy is set in place.

Comments can be submitted until June 4th, 2018.