Columbia Park Elementary To Get Brand New Playground Equipment!

Playgrounds are a magical place for kids during school hours and on weekends. When that bell hits and recess begins, it is a whole new adventure for kids as they drop the pencils and their energy bursts through the door and creativity for 20 minutes ensues.

The Provincial Government will be investing $5 Million into playgrounds across British Columbia before the 2018 year is out. By September, 51 schools will be have new playground equipment and Columbia Park Elementary will see the benefits.

“All students deserve quality, safe and accessible playgrounds at school, regardless of how much their parents can fundraise,” said Premier Horgan. “That’s why we’re lifting the burden off of parents by investing $5 million today, and every year moving forward, to build playgrounds where they are needed most.”

He Playground Equipment Program will provide $5 Million each year to school districts to buy new or replace dilapidated equipment. 26 schools will be granted 90K for a standard playground while 25 schools will see $105K for a universally accessible playground.

The CPE students will be excited to play on their new $105K playground come the fall.  Generally, schools’ parent advisory councils (PACs) have to fundraise large sums of money for new and replacement playground equipment. Schools without that capability are often left without playgrounds.

While Revelstoke is phenomenal at stepping up to the plate when it comes to raising funds for worthy causes such as free, healthy activities for our youth; it also comes at a cost. Volunteer burnout can spread through Revelstoke like this winter’s flu bug. This will help alleviate that burden for the volunteers of the PAC.

School District 19 Superintendent Mike Hooker was thrilled to find out the news.

“We are excited that CPE is the beneficiary of provincial dollars. The board has been working hard to make sure the schools continue to have proper upgrades and we think this is fantastic.”

Applications for both Arrow Heights Elementary and Columbia Park Elementary were put forward, however the Provincial Government chose CPE for the upgrades based on the status of the current apparatus.

Districts applied for the funding in April 2018, and playgrounds are being funded based on greatest need. Priority is given to schools where there is currently no playground, and then to schools where the existing playground is aging. Districts that did not receive funding this year will receive funding next year, if they apply for it.

Budget 2018 includes a record $2 billion in school capital funding over the next three years.

The good news, kids of CPE will be buzzing on brand new equipment when they go back to school in the fall!