City Hopeful The Sani-Dump Will Be Ready For May Long Weekend

The Sanitation Dump that was approved several months back should be ready to use just in time for May long weekend. After several rounds of where the best location should be, it was ultimately agreed upon to be built at the bottom of Powerhouse Road.

While both Councillor Gary Sulz and Mayor Mark McKee with both in disagreement of the new location, council agreed with the City’s suggestion and thus, we will have a Sani-dump in the industrial park.

As of right now, there will be no charge to dump at the new station, however, that could change over time and a fee could be implemented. Of course, putting in a collection system would cost money and at five or ten dollars to dump how long would it take to pay off the system?  When asked about his thoughts on a fee for service, Mayor McKee felt it would not make any sense.

“If the City decided to put in a pay system, how long would it take to pay off with small dollars increments? 5 years? More? I think it should be a free service and remain a free service.”

One thing to consider already is the new location for the Sani-Dump is off the beaten path which could be a deterrent for the travelling public, but If a fee were to be implemented that either illegal dumping in various locations may continue to happen, or the system is not used too often as there are free ones elsewhere.

For now, it will be free service and (hopefully) open for dumping by May long weekend.

Perhaps a brown ribbon cutting ceremony will ensue?