Bridge Creek Properties Needs A Project Development Officer

Community Housing Society is looking for a Project Development Officer to complete planning required to commence potential development of next Phase of Bridge Creek Properties.

Closing date for applications is May 31st.  Flexible hours and $14,000 compensation.

Part 1 – Access to land:

  • Ensure the environmental site assessment prepared by AMEC is sufficient for development of the selected area(s) and if required, coordinate the completion of a Stage 1 review.
  • Coordinate the completion of schematic servicing plan, anticipated form of tenure by sub-division and proposed dedications and right of ways to be maintained by the City.
  • Work with City Planning Department to prepare appropriate documents for application to PLA and sub-division of the selected area(s) and negotiate leasehold/tenure/purchase agreements and permitting as required.
  • Ensure sub-division and servicing design is completed, including a detailed estimate of costs and cash flow projection for site works completion.
  • Obtain a land appraisal for the selected sub-divided area(s).

Part 2 – Project concept and preliminary design

  • Ensure that a current Housing Need and Demand Study and Market Rent Appraisal are completed to meet the needs of potential funders.
  • Prepare a financial plan (construction budget, capital financing and operating budget) for the proposed project.

Part 3 – Project Development Funding (PDF)

  • In consultation with the project development committee, prepare and submit PDF applications & claim forms to BC Housing to cover pre-development work costs: consultant fees, application, permit, survey & legal fees, taxes, etc. as required in Parts 1 and 2 above.