A Rooney Grin: The Current Reaches It’s Financial Goal!


When I was growing up, my father always made me keep the tags on the Christmas/Birthday presents and re-tape them to the item so I knew who gave me the gift and to make sure I thanked them properly.


This was not optional and if it did not happen there would have been serious disappointment from him. Luckily, I listened to his request and acknowledged the gifts I received over the years.

Today is no different. While I don’t have a tag to tape onto a gift, I have a duty and a responsibility to thank the community of Revelstoke. Many people donated to the Revelstoke Current Online Newspaper Society via the Go Fund Me Campaign.

Those that know me know that I was not a fan of the idea. It was a hard concept to accept and I was not thrilled about it to say the least. I do not like asking anybody for money. I didn’t enjoy accepting any from my father when I was a student and I certainly do not like it now. With that said, many of you jumped right in with no hesitation and I am truly grateful for that.

Doesn’t the board sell ads? Yes. Garry is working at it in his retirement, but it is a slow burn and it takes time to steam roll and anyone who is in business knows it certainly helps to have a little bit of seed money to help things move forward and that is exactly what this is for. This will now secure the hosting, the domain and the firewall for many years.

Actually, I was thinking of Goin’ Loco Down In Acapulco! (Isn’t that a Four Tops Song?? Yup. It was also a movie with Phil Collins…wait…Phil Collins is an actor?)

Editor/Publisher-David F. Rooney gives a Grin!
Sketch by Rob Buchanan

Thank you to Dan Delacherois, Garry & Jackie Pendergast, Shelley Evans, Barb Kemerer, Brett & Bonnie Renaud, Shannon Smith, Victoria Long, Loni Parker, Donelle Lang, Jamie Mayes, Fern Hickerson, Patti Larson, Maria-Lynne Johnson, Dameion Notte, Eric & Peggy Dafoe, Ed’s Gas Club, Deenie Ottenbreit, Krista Stovel, Cathie Thacker, Spence & Marilyn Carefoot, Patti & Mas Matsushita, Ray & Tina Yearley, & Good ol’ Maurice Gabois and his better half Diana.

Of course, there were numerous anonymous donations and I would like to acknowledge those that chose to remain behind the curtain of the all mighty ‘Oz’; Thank You. It is just as much appreciated as those listed above.

This was definitely worthy of a Rooney Grin!