Violence Against Women Prevention Week: April 15th-21st

There will be a community open house for a Sexual Response Protocol that Rana Nelson has been formulating on behalf of the Revelstoke Woman’s Shelter.

While there are options in Revelstoke through the RCMP, Victims Services or the Queen Victoria Hospital, many incidents are not reported and remain unsolved.

“The problem is, we know they are happening but we don’t hear much of it. Victims can feel afraid, ashamed, or overwhelmed- a wide range of emotions. Some have even felt embarrassed or ashamed to go to the police or hospital.”

The community open house is to give Nelson thoughts and ideas as to how Revelstoke can prevent sexual assault as well as help survivors. While the Women’s Shelter is opening up the dialogue with RCMP,MCFD, Victim Services as well as hotel owners in the community, they want the voices of the community to be heard.

“We want a community response to this so everyone is on the same page about how best to help people.”

Monday, April 16th: 7:00pm-9:00pm in the Macpherson Room at the Rec Centre.