Ms. Anne Thrope: Change Is Upon Us, Yet Some Things Never Change

McKee Mania is going the way of the Dodo Dodo Bird and the buggy whip.

After more than a dozen years serving on council, in different capacities and at different times, Mayor McCheese is pulling the pin on elected life. Rumour has it he is expanding his business empire into hair replacement and toupee sales. Why waste all that testosterone on growing hair?

It’s been one, ah, eventful ride, not the least of which has been his tenacious pursuit of four lanes for the lethal Trans Canada Highway; a gold star in the upper right corner of the Civic Participation Handbook for that one.

However, for this humble scribe, McKee’s dogged determination, like a crow on a June Bug, to attract a world class ski resort gets three gold stars. Granted, there is still a lot of opposition to RMR from those who wring their hands and lament, ‘why can’t things remain the way they were? Nobody can afford a house in Revelstoke anymore. You can’t get a parking spot.There’s too much traffic now. It takes forever to get a building permit. I don’t recognize anybody anymore’ etc.

“Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded”: Yogi Berra.

Fortunately or not, it is this future or no future at all. Nothing else but skiing has worked for growth, controlled growth but maybe the growth is too well controlled. Ask anybody who’s tried to build anything.

On this, it’s tenth anniversary, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, is celebrating it’s best year to date. So, when will ‘the hill’ start building the affordable employee housing which was part of the original deal. Sure would take the pressure off homes that are converted into bunk houses for hoards of seasonal workers. I’m sure it would be welcomed by neighbours of those over crowded barracks. I digress.

In the irritation column, the ultimate failure of the Steve Platt development near the corner of the Trans. Canada and Victoria Rd. then the blowout of the plaza with grocery store and pharmacy at basically the same location a few years later. Well, you can’t win everything. Where would you put it?

However, what good leaders do is keep on truckin’ regardless. McKee is our version of the Energizer Bunny. We’ll forgive him for being such a huge fan of Beavis and Butthead.

Rumour on the street and in the coffee shops is that City Hall is ready for a palace revolt. Staff feels overwhelmed and defeated, paper work is backed up and the work environment is toxic…..depending on who you ask. If so, where does the buck stop… the council chamber.

You will probably remember the last election was all about change. The majority wanted change at the top and got it almost to a man or woman. The US. also wanted change just for change sake and look what they got. Yikes! Time for some good old participatory democracy with voter suggestions. This column would like to hear from you about our next city election this fall?

Who would you like to see run for Mayor. Who would you like to see run for council? Feel free to nominate yourself among your picks. Of course, all in good fun.

Please include a ‘short’ sentence about your reasons why, which might be edited for space. Your name and email address will not be published unless you wish them to be. Send your email to by May 25th.

This city needs your help.

Yours in cynical vigilance,

Ms. Anne Thrope.

PET PEEVE OF THE MONTH; the price of gasoline, high enough to catch satellites with a butterfly net.

This is another example of economic growth run amok. Small oil companies get swallowed up by big oil companies which control prices and supply so our wallets get raped. The only place with higher gas prices is Europe.

Could it be time to socialize another essential, like oil?