Mayor Report: Mark McKee Confirms He Will Not Seek Re-election

In today’s Mayor Report, Mayor Mark McKee confirmed that he will not be running for Mayor in the fall.

“I have decided that I will not be seeking reelection as Mayor, It has been fun, it has been interesting but it is time for somebody else to step in ans carry on.”

McKee was in the Mayoral seat for two terms int he early 2000’s from 2002-2008. While McKee will be stepping back and focusing on family, he is happy to make time to talk to anyone who is interested in running for either a seat on Council or for Mayor.

Historically, both Mayor and Council would sit for a three year term, the election that put McKee back into the leadership seat, jumped to four years.  When asked if the fourth year was a long run, McKee agreed that it was for him, but for others they enjoyed the extra year to immerse themselves into the process.

“There is a lot of people that really like. It gives them that extra year to get their feet wet, learn how the process work and feel they can contribute more.”

With the Colourful McKee stepping back to focus on family, the question now is, Who is going to run for Mayor of Revelstoke?

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