#HumboldtStrong- LeCompte’s Have A Bronco’s Themed Donut For Fundraiser

Communities from all across the Canada and the world are stepping to to reach their arms around the community in mourning. From hockey sticks placed by the front door, to a jersey day on Thursday to donuts.

Brian and Donna Lecompte from the Tim Horton’s in Revelstoke now have a #HumboltStrong donut, that when purchased, all the proceeds will go towards the Humbolt Broncos. If you are stopping into Timmy’s for a coffee and a treat, think green and yellow and know your buck is headed to Humbolt.

As of right now, the GoFund Me campaign is at a tremendous $7,936,800 of a $4-million dollar goal. It is truly amazing the outpouring of support from all over the globe, especially from fellow Canadians who feel the heartbreak.