CPE To See $535K For School Enhancement Program & Carbon Neutral Capital Program

School District 19’s Annual Five-Year Capital Plan submission for 2018/19 that was sent to the Ministry of Education on June 30, 2017 was well received and in fact granted $535,000.

After reviewing all 60 school districts Annual Five-Year Plan, The Ministry has provided support for two capital projects for Columbia Park Elementary.

School Enhancement Program (SEP):  The proposed scope will complement the reconfiguration work that is current underway at the school. The intent is to make adjustments to the existing layout to better support 21st century learning. These include the integration of break out spaces, a universal washroom, and the design of better universal access at the school entrance. The project will also address deferred maintenance items including upgrading the light fixtures, alarm panel and doors. The Project Budget for this comes to $475,000.

Carbon Neutral Capital Program (CNCP): The proposed scope includes the installation of solar panels at a high level on the south gymnasium wall. The intent is to offset energy usage, and to also link with the curriculum so that students can learn the benefits of energy conservation through a functioning renewable energy system at the school.  The Project Budget for this comes to $60,000.

In order to receive the capital funding, the applying school district Annual Five-Year Capital Plan must fit one of these programs:

  •  Seismic Mitigation Program (SMP)
  • Expansion Program (EXP)
  • Replacement Program (REP)
  • Building Envelope Program (BEP)
  • School Enhancement Program (SEP)
  • Carbon Neutral Capital Program (CNCP)
  • Bus Acquisition Program (BUS)

The hopeful completion date for these projects is March, 2019.