Chuckle For The Day: Obsessed With Sex

Bob Wiley walks into a doctor’s office and states he must see his doctor as he is obsessed with sex. The nurse takes him to his back room and Bob impatiently waits for his doctor to see him.

The doctor walks into the small room and asks “Hello, Bob what seems to be the problem?”

“I am obsessed with sex, Dr. Marvin! Everything reminds me of sex!” Bob exclaimed.

“Ok. Well let’s try something. Just a little experiment.”  Dr. Marvin walks over to his white board and draws a house with the sun shining down on it.

“What do you see, Bob?”


Dr. Marvin draws a picture of a kitty cat with a big smile.

“What about now?”


Dr. Marvin draws a picture of a big tree with lots of leaves and even goes so far as to get the green marker and colour in the brush to give it context.

“Ok, Bob. Now what do you see?”


“Wow. You really are obsessed with sex.”

“Me?! You are the one drawing all the dirty pictures!”