52 Groups Pitch Their Project/Concept For The CBT Community Initiatives Program

This is the time of year where the societies of Revelstoke are diligently writing grant applications to receive funds for their projects, Not for Profits and charitable organizations. The Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiative presentations took place on Tuesday, April 2nd at the community centre.

With over 100 people in attendance and 52 pitches to hear, the evening began at 7:00pm and ran until 9:30pm. Each of those 52 groups summarized in two and a half minutes what their grant application was in as well as how much money they were requesting to further their goals and achieve their mission and mandate.

Many of the petitioners were repeat applicants that represent some fine programs in our community that go all year round and support local families on a daily basis. Community Connections presented six times, all for separate and worthy causes, the Revelstoke Community Childcare Society presented for two separate and valuable programs and the Arts Council presented with hopes to maintain the high quality of work and standard that has been established in Revelstoke.

Throughout the evening, many applicants requested a nominal amount of money in comparison to larger scale projects, but the lower dollar amounts requested add up pretty fast.

The total amount that will be given from the CBT Community Initiatives Grant comes to $386,056. With the 52 applicants and their total request cost it comes to $684,348 leaving a $298,292 difference.

The City of Revelstoke will be administering the program results on behalf of the CBT and CSRD. A committee consisting of Bill MacFarland, Melissa Hemphill, Linda Chell, Diana Bostock and Cindy Maloney will review the applicants for approval. Upon the committees’ final decision, it will be then passed to the CSRD for approval and then to Council in early May.

Those in attendance were able to have a vote for the 10 programs/projects they felt deserved the money they requested and an anonymous ballot form was given to everyone to fill out. The committee will look at the results and it will make up 10% of the deciding vote.

  1. BC Interior Forestry Museum-Exhibit Revitalization
  2. Bee Awareness Society
  3. Girls on Ice Canada
  4. North Columbia Environmental Society
  5. Wildsight- Climate Education Program
  6. Community Connections- Food Bank
  7. Community Connections- Food Secure Revelstoke
  8. Community Connections-Social Justice Advocate
  9. Revelstoke District Humane Society
  10. Revelstoke Hospice Society-PALS
  11. Revelstoke Local Food Initiative-Revelstoke Grows
  12. Revelstoke Senior Citizens’ Association-Volunteer Program Coordinator
  13. Revelstoke Women’s Shelter-CRN
  14. Revelstoke Women’s Shelter-Moving Forward
  15. Aboriginal Friendship Society- Men’s Campfire Group
  16. Flying Arrow Productions-AB Project
  17. Flying Arrow Production- Community Musical
  18. Revelstoke Arts Council- Building skills, tourism and community use
  19. Revelstoke Arts Council-Arts Presentation
  20. Revelstoke Folk Music- Coffee House
  21. Revelstoke Heritage Railway Society
  22. Revelstoke Multi-Cultural Society-Carousel of Nations 2019
  23. Revelstoke Museum and Archives
  24. Revelstoke Visual Arts Society-New Exhibition Program & Signage
  25. Revelstoke Visual Arts Society- Luna
  26. Avalanche Canada-Public Outreach
  27. City of Revelstoke- Youth Access & Outreach
  28. Community Connections- Parent Support Services
  29. Community Connections Society-Summer Day Camp
  30. Community Connections Society-Youth Service Program
  31. Community Futures-Start Up Revelstoke
  32. L’Ecole Des Glaciers
  33. Okanagan College- Community Training Subsidies
  34. Open Mountains Project Society
  35. Revelstoke Bear Aware Society
  36. Revelstoke Community Childcare Society- Roots of Empathy Program
  37. Revelstoke Community Childcare Society- Youth Service Program
  38. Revelstoke Secondary School- Youth Create Challenge- WE Day
  39. School District 19-Breakfast Programs
  40. School District 19- Screen Smart
  41. Columbia Valley Skateboard Associations-Kovach Park Skatepark
  42. Farwell Splash Park Society
  43. Revelstoke Cycling Association- McPherson Trail Network
  44. Revelstoke Golf Club
  45. Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club
  46. Revelstoke Paddlesport Association
  47. Revelstoke Skating Club-Coaching Training
  48. Sage Orienteering Club
  49. Revelstoke Current Online Newspaper Society
  50. Royal Canadian Legion Branch 46
  51. Stoke FM Policy and Procedures
  52. Trout Lake BC Internet Society

Note: The dollar amounts were not published as they were not given out. Some presenters shared the amounts in which they were seeking, but not all did therefore the list of the dollars requested would be incomplete.