Senior RSS Students To Have A Much Needed Active Living Program

Revelstoke Secondary School students may have a new program to look forward to in school that infuses exercise programs as well as activities to promote life-long learning and participation. Of course, Physical Education has been a favourite for students for decades and has led many young athletes into extracurricular activities keeping them in shape and health.

With the changing social climate in our community, numerous was to stay physically and mentally health are around us. This program would offer options for both “low impact and “high impact” for those students who prefer the heavier challenge. This course would include Strength, Yoga, Mind and Body, Pilates, Speed Walking/Walk-run/Running programs, community exploration (including experiencing the different fitness facilities in Revelstoke), activities in the pool, and a unit on healthy lifestyle and nutrition, thus opening up the door for those who perhaps are not keen sports.

In an article from the DailyMailUK, millennials are becoming victim to an issue that did not quite arise until the invention of computers and of course, the social media platform. The term is called “Tech Neck” which is caused from sitting in a slumped over position while working on a computer. Over time, sitting in that position can cause structural back problems. One way to help alleviate that issue of course, correct posture and exercise.

Program developer, Kendra von Bremen stated in a Board of Trustee Report, “This course will offer opportunities for students to experience and explore a variety of lower impact activities and exercises, and give them the confidence to continue these activities after completion of the course. This course will offer opportunities for students to experience and explore a variety of lower impact activities and exercises, and give them the confidence to continue these activities after completion of the course.”

This program will provide an opportunity for the students who prefer a non-competitive style of activities a chance to find physical health and success without being scrutinized for their lack of interest to compete on a high octane level, ultimately allowing them to adopt a healthier happier lifestyle.

Curricular Competencies for Active Living 11&12, Students are expected to be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate appropriate movement skills for a variety of physical activities and environments
  • Develop and demonstrate strategies to effectively participate in a variety of physical activities
  • Apply methods of monitoring and adjusting exertion levels in physical activity
  • Describe the impact of various types of physical activities on health and mental well-being
  • Plan ways to overcome potential barriers to participation in physical activities
  • Develop and demonstrate skills needed to plan, organize, and safely participate in recreational
  • events and other preferred physical activities
  • Identify and implement tactics to increase their chances of success in a variety of physical activities
  • Explain how developing competencies in physical activities can increase confidence and encourage
  • lifelong participation in physical activities
  • Explain the importance of resilience in maintaining personal health

The structure of the program will focus on 7 Core Units.

  1. Unit 1 Walking/walk-run/Running 15 hours
  2. Unit 2 Yoga, Mind & Body 25 hours
  3. Unit 3 Strength & Conditioning 35 hours
  4. Unit 4 Community Exploration 15 hours
  5. Unit 5 Body Systems & Nutrition 10 hours
  6. Unit 6 Injury Prevention 5 hours
  7. Unit 7 Core Strength & Foundations 15 hours

What is great about this program, is it will also benefit those that are driven by high powered sports as building your core as well as your mind and body will provide an opportunity for those highly competitive in nature students to excel at their chosen sport.

This program will showcase a unique perspective with Aboriginal Worldviews with the notion that exercise for life supports the development of self in support of connecting with others and learning from mentors as well as those we are meant to lead as well as have a community focus and try to provide a connection to the land.