SD19 Slowly Picking Up Steam On Their Subdivision Project (Big Eddy Elementary Lot)

The School District has been patiently waiting for the Preliminary Layout Approval of their proposed subdivision on the land where the Big Eddy Elementary school once sat. They were granted PLA on February 23rd and are now working on meeting the conditions outlined by the City of Revelstoke.

The SD19 Board has hired a civil engineer to assist with a further analysis of supplementary cost estimates and to ensure clarity of work. With the creation of fee simple lots, it will add value for the School District all the while minimizing risk and broadening the market for potential buyers. The board is still anticipating a disposition of seven lots rather than the sale to a property developer.

The land that the school once sat on was zoned for institutional; School District 19 has been successful in the land being re-zoned to R2A, which would be suited towards low-density residential housing.

“This zoning will facilitate uses including single or two-family dwellings as well as home occupations, accessory buildings and bed & breakfast businesses.” Project coordinator, Anne Cooper stated in a news release.

The Low Density Residential lots require a minimum of 1,700 square metres and a lot width of 25 metres, these lots will have 1,940 square metres with 28.59 metres of frontage along Begbie Road, just slightly bigger than the minimum requirements.

With much of the work accomplished, a few more tasks will be underway in order to complete the project. The goal for the month of March is to determine the disposition approach, engage a civil engineer to provide a site servicing agreement and assess and respond to the PLA conditions set.

The goal is to have all services intact with a completed subdivision and disposition of lots in the early fall.